PRDnationwide Penrith Mentorship Program 2019

FAQ's and Key Information:


What am I applying for?

Role: A full time Real Estate Sales Career – fast tracked through an intense 6 month mentorship program.

What do I earn?

If you meet the target & expectations of the program you have the potential to earn $100,000 in the 2020 Calendar Year or as much as $250,000 if you absolutely thrive in this role. Conditions apply*


How can this be?

Our Real Estate office has been established since 1977. We have a massive client list that we share with those staff that prove their worth. You will have a list of warm leads on your first day of work!

How do I apply?

That’s entirely up to you. We are looking for candidates who stand out from the crowd. How you stand out could be the reason you make our short list.

You could go traditional & email your resume and a cover letter.

Maybe take a digital approach (such as a short video), have someone else talk you up.

In the end you get one go at making an impression so go big!


All Applications to be sent to:


Who will be my Mentors:


Darren Latty (Managing Director PRDnationwide Penrith)

  • 32 years’ experience in the Real Estate Industry
  • Top 5 Selling Principle for the last 10 years
  • Project Marketing Specialist


Daniel Latty (Senior Residential Sales Manager)

  • 20 years’ experience in the Real Estate Industry
  • Top 10 Selling Agent for the last 10 years
  • Residential Real Estate Listing Specialist


Josh Phegan

  • Internationally renowned go-to speaker, trainer and coach for high-performance real estate agents and agencies


Todd Hadley

  • National Franchise Director
  • Over 26 years’ experience in the Real Estate Industry


Tony Brasier

  • Chairman and Managing Director of PRDnationwide
  • Former CEO of Colliers International


What happens after I apply?

All applicants will be considered and after review will be narrowed to six people. You will be notified if you are required for a further phone or face to face interview.


What happens if I make the Top 6?

Now the real challenge happens. In fact, a series of challenges designed to identify the person that has the best attitude & cultural fit for our Team here at PRDnationwide Penrith. 

It’s not about how good your ‘game’ is – it’s about how you play the game!

We will choose attitude over aptitude every day.

A series of Real Estate ‘challenges’ will be held over 1 full day & 1 half day which consist of the following:


Key Dates:

Real Estate Challenges: 19th & 26th June 2019 (see below for challenge outline) 

6 Month Mentorship Program: 1st July 2019 until 31st December 2019

Official Listing Agent commencement: 1st January 2020 (12 months) 

Please inform us, in writing, of any unavailability during these periods. 


Challenges Outline


Day 1 - 19th June


Start 8:30am at Glenmore Heritage Valley Golf Club

Event – 9 Holes of Golf

(Tip: It’s not about your golf game. It’s about how you handle yourself & attitude)

Key skills – Competitiveness, Handling Adversity



Lunch with the Team at Trevi Italian Ristorante at 12pm

Key Skills – Social Compatibility


Cold Calling Session - Make 40 Phone calls from call list sticking to a script

(Tip: Staying on script gets better results)

Key Skills – Resilience, Listening Skills


Interpret Market Conditions - Give us your spin on what’s really happening in the Real Estate Property Market through a presentation to management

(Tip: sometimes the media has a hidden agenda)

Key Skills – Media Savvy, Career Focus, Public Speaking


Day 2 - 26th June


Start 2pm - 

Present your findings from an Interview with one of PRDnationwide's top 10 sales people from our recent awards that occured in Melbourne (list of sales people to be provided)

(Tip: They are very busy people. Make sure to come prepared)

 Key Skills – Resourcefulness, Creativity


Solicit for business in a busy shopping district at High Street Penrith

(Tip: Learn to be approachable in any situation) 

Key Skills - Confidence, durability 


If I get the job, how do you accelerate my career?

1st July to 31st December - Mentorship Program


Darren Latty:

- Building a referral network

- Strategies for handling larger volumes of sales

- Marketing in a digital age

- Building & growing your personal profile

- Handling buyer objections

- Target marketing tough properties

- Putting a market value on unique properties

- Understanding investment strategies


Daniel Latty

- Developing the perfect listing presentation

- Marketing strategies for every home

- Perfecting your pitch


Josh Phegan 

- Masterclass - 1/2 day August, Sept, Oct & Nov

- 30 day intensive program month of November

- Prospecting with a purpose

- Scripts for all occasions

- Planning your path


Tony Brasier (One on one October)

- What the PRDnationwide, Colliers & PRD UNited brands can do for you on an International stage


Todd Hadley (One on one December)

- How you can use our Research to be an Industry expert

- Building a profile branding strategy to work for you


All Applications to be sent to:

Applications close midnight Sunday June 9th 2019. 

*Targets and Expectations will be provided upon a sucessful application.